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Ask Mascha, your Host

Ask me – I will have an answer for 99% of your questions! … in any case concerning Bern and Stay KooooK. I’m a real Berner – with roots in the Wallis – but you only notice that sometimes when I speak with Bern dialect, with Walliser speed. Otherwise, I embody the Bärnermeitschi by moving around by bike all the time, no matter what the weather is like. I must also say that I never carry an umbrella with me. We are lucky here that our city is covered by the arcades all the way through, so you rarely get wet. What describes Bern and me equally is probably the word “green.” Sustainability is very important to me, and the omnipresent floral atmosphere in the city makes us forget the hustle and bustle of the small but existing industrial zones. Generally speaking, we don’t think much of stress here anyway: we are known for Bernese coziness – which also gives the city more of a village character than that of the federal capital.

Meeting friends, having a good time, and much laughter – these are my favorite activities. Apart from that, my heart beats for winter sports, but that’s not so easy in summer. A perfect summer day in Bern would look like this for me: I start the day with yoga and then enjoy my morning coffee accompanied by my book in the Kaffibeizli around the corner. At lunchtime, I meet up with a friend for a plate of Waadtländer salad (the best!) and an excellent local white wine in the Lötschberg restaurant and enjoy socializing. For dessert, we stop at the Golosa ice cream parlor and continue our way towards the Aare. During an extended ping-pong game, we can – more our nerves than our bodies – workout before jumping from Schönausteg into the refreshing water. Soon it’s time for the aperitif, which tastes even better with a live act in the Musikbistro just around the corner from my place. After a home-cooked dinner with friends, we head back to the city center, where we enjoy a few beers and much good humor in the Progr – the golden mean of my favorite starting point, just if the desire to dance should prevail!

I am a very fun-loving person who listens to his instincts and enjoys the moment. That helps you not always take everything so seriously in tough times. The most important thing is to have fun and to make not only others but also yourself laugh. So if you not only have questions but also want to celebrate life, come and visit me at Stay KooooK Bern!

Your Mascha

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