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Copy of Sabberlodd, Nuremberg!

«Sabberlodd!»- Let’s start with some language training so you can make yourself understood in Nuremberg. Sabberlodd is an expression of recognition, similar to “oh, not bad” – with a touch of appreciation. These are my tips that really deserve this saying:

Did you know, for example, that the word “ghost train” has several meanings in Nuremberg. The subway lines 2 and 3 run fully automated. Depending on the model, the remote-controlled subway has no control station. So if you catch one of these high-tech trains, you can walk right to the front and stand directly at the front. Here you can picture yourself as an imaginary train conductor and pretend to be the one who closes the doors, starts the train and brakes it smoothly at the next station – as if by magic. Sabberlodd!

Go and experience some more magical moments at the, the Eagle’s Nest. Nuremberg’s probably best, but unofficial viewpoint: If you stand on the upper deck of the parking garage in the Adlerstraße, the city is at your feet. Especially in the evening, there is a special atmosphere here. Unfortunately, the observation car park is no longer an insider tip. It is becoming more and more popular, so that there are already stories around a doorman who prevents the prospect of the view. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to appear there properly dressed – otherwise you won’t get in! Seriously?… Sabberlodd!

Person looking through music albums. Stay KooooK. Stay You.

Speaking of hipsters – Nuremberg has its very own Soho to offer: the Goho (Gostenhof). The name is no coincidence. GoHo (Gostenhof) sounds like Soho, and is in no way inferior to the district in London’s West End. From the coffee roastery you stroll to the vintage shop, charming clothes shop or to the crazy designer. The trendy Gostenhof district on the edge of Nuremberg’s Old Town is somehow still an insider tip that I can warmly recommend to you.


“Warm around the heart” is the perfect keyword for another must see in Nuremberg: the island of love. Please relax for a moment, let your mind wander, lie in the grass, feel close to the water – and that in the middle of the city? The cosy little corner is not only popular with couples. At the eastern end you can relax with a view over the Fleischbrücke. On the way to the island of love you will certainly pass the flea market. It is one of the most beautiful places in the city. Here you will find a mixture of small, fine shops, unique restaurants and art.

On the subject of art I have something else to amaze you: art in a box! No joke – what do chewing gum, condoms and works of art have in common? Well, you can pull them all out of vending machines! The art vending machine at Hintere Sterngasse 25/27 is filled with small works by regional artists of all sizes: painting or drawing, photography, object or sculpture, even music – the range is wide, the surprise no less. The art miniatures have an edition of 24 pieces each. So hurry to the box, which reminds you of a cigarette automat, with five euros in coins, and pull it and be amazed! Those who get hold of such a work are lucky, as the refilling does not happen as regularly as at the cigarette vending machine. The vending machine is filled three times a year, so it is worthwhile to walk regularly through Sterngasse. Art cannot be cheaper! Sabberlodd!

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