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Bern to go!… and to come back – your souvenirs from Bern

If unforgettable memories and countless photo motifs on the camera are not enough for you, you will ask yourself «What is this little piece of Bern that I absolutely have to take home?»  It could be for yourself, for those who stayed at home or even for Bern newbies who still have to be convinced of our little town. Ask us – your hosts at Stay KooooK.

The good thing about original Berner souvenirs is that the half-life is quite short and you soon have to come back to Bern to get more. I’m thinking of our urban pastries, the «Mandelbärli». The bear not only decorates our emblem, it is also the cradle of many inspirations for Bernese inventions and creations. The backery Glatz created the fluffy pastry made of almonds, sugar, butter and egg white for their company anniversary in 1989. Since then, the top seller is not only available in the original vanilla flavoured version, but also in many different varieties such as chocolate, Irish coffee or blueberry, chestnut and lemon. We guarantee the half-life of this souvenir is almost zero!

What certainly doesn’t go towards zero is the alcohol level and the seasoning in our «Ingwerer». Initially, this delicious ginger liqueur was an insider tip from the trendy Lorraine district. Now it is THE drink of all Bernese bars. The cult drink warms your body and gets spicier the stronger you shake the bottle. The Ingwerer is best enjoyed pure or as a refreshing Bern Mule in a copper cup. A spicy Bernese gift!

Speaking of warmth- anyone looking for a souvenir for a cold winter’s day will be happy with a cheese fondue, although – if it’s up to the Bernese – its fondue weather on 365 days. The Chäshütte in Bern’s old town exists since 1894 and is now managed by the fifth generation. In addition to the classic flavours, there are also specialities that have aged to spicy delicacies for several months in the their own vault cellar. Whether fondue or a piece of cheese – you can be certain to find something to bring along.


However, Bern soaps or something from the perfume studio offer a somewhat fresher scent. The Bern Collection «Art of Scent» is a fragrant ode to our capital. The «Aare water» is inspired by the crystal-clear, green-blue Aare, by the freshness and gentle movements of the waves. Bear Finn is the name of the second Bernese perfume: «Finn» combines the mystical character of the bear with the woody scent of its surroundings and the Aare passing by the Bear Park. The fragrances produced in Bern bring memories to life and tell stories – the perfect souvenir to keep Bern with you even when you’re far away.

Or how about a typical Tram beer? The unfiltered and natural beers are brewed directly in the local restaurant. Regardless of your thirst, the beer is available as a souvenir in bottles and barrels. But it still tastes best directly in the old tram depot. See you soon in Bern!

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