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Pack your suitcase for Stay KooooK

Packing is like cooking – a good recipe takes a good base! And that’s exactly what I’m gonna give you: it takes a bit more than just a toothbrush and credit card to feel comfortable during your holiday or for the business trip that’s going to start your new project. A good start requires good planning. Well, to be honest I’m not a person who does checklists but I would recommend to gather everything that you feel is useful and essential, then eliminate everything you don’t need (start off with removing about a quarter).  Think about the activities you’ve got planned: do I want to work out? What kind of climate am I preparing for and for which special events do I need to pack? Generally you should be able to combine outfits well and remember to take more tops than pants or skirts. Shirts, blouses and T-shirts take up far less space than jeans. Another tip: don’t fold, roll – you will have much more space in your suitcase. Don’t forget about colour matching. Make sure to stick to a colour scheme, that goes for your shoes as well. As shoes always take up a lot of space in your suitcase, consider taking a pair of «all-rounders» as well as a pair of dress shoes.

Packing the essentials for a stay at Kooook Bern

While I’m putting outfits together, I often get hold of myself placing something in my suitcase that’s «just in case …» – Aaagh, take those out immediately!! Chances are, that «just in case» situation will never come up. And if it ever does, I do still have a credit card with me.

Speaking of on-site errands – I buy little necessities like shampoo, shower gel and lotion especially for longer stays in a larger size, as 100ml seems to last just about a weekend. It’s difficult choosing be-tween all the little things that sweeten my everyday life, such as my pillow, photos of great adventures with friends, my Bluetooth-speaker and my XXL coffee cup … But sadly, you just have to get your priorities straight. I do have something for you: at Stay KooooK, we’re helping you out with your own customisable wall! You can choose from many accessories and home furnishings to help shape your studio to your taste. Oh, by the way… we also have XXL coffee cups! Last but not least, we’re going to have to get that suitcase closed. If that works out, the perfect Extended Stay packing recipe has been successful!

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