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Support your local café dealer!

Don’t worry – we will only give legal tips, but with 100% addiction factor! And when it comes to coffee, the first address in Bern is of course the coffee roasting house «Rösterei Kaffee und Bar » in the middle of Bern’s industrial district: this metropolitan restaurant with an industrial look combines a coffee bar, sales shop and roasting trade in one location. Here, drinking coffee becomes an experience! The shop offers everything a coffee lover could wish for: various coffees, espresso machines, filter brewing systems, specialist literature and everything else related to coffee – including classes.

If you’d like a very special cake, the «Apfelgold» is the place for you:

The cakes are really amazing. Simply delicious! You would probably agree that anything under 300g is just a cookie. Forget your shape and enjoy the vanilla cake and the chocolate cake. The interior is simple, it all looks a bit like understatement and reminds of grandma’s living room. This is where families with babies, hipsters and girlfriends meet for a gossip. Typically Bern.

If you’d rather be hearty, stop by the Tingel Kringel. In addition to many sweet temptations, bagels are prepared freshly. The shop is creatively furnished with all kinds of decorative items. In the back there is a cosy sitting area for chatting. In the sunshine you dine on the coloured tables. As Sabine the owner says: «The world is round as a ball, like delicious chocolates, a spotted football, a glittering marble, a wheel. Round things have their own special dynamism. Any explanation of the round is pointless.» And that’s exactly how it is with the bagel!

The Adrianos is also very lively: a coffee bar in the morning, a lunch bar at noon, an aperitif bar in the evening and later a cocktail bar. A place with its own beer from Aare Bier in Bargen, with soft drinks, which cannot be found everywhere and even more homemade. And no, in Adrianos there’s no Prosecco, not for over 19 years. Here’s champagne! It goes well with the warm Panini.

If you can’t get enough of the sandwiches, stop by the Café-Bar Sattler. As the name suggests, the focus is on the drinks. But even those who are hungry get their money’s worth. Beside the mentioned Panini there are various salads, antipasti and cheese, Zmorge on Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 2.

The last tip we have is the cafe in the historic Einstein Haus Bern. It’s right next to the popular Albert Einstein’s apartment.  With its extraordinary rooms on two floors and its inspiring atmosphere, the Einstein Café is the ideal place at any time of day and for any occasion. Whether for morning coffee, refreshment, meetings, lunch, aperitif or a nightcap at late hour – the guest is always at home here. Just like with us in Stay KooooK!

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